BBM Syllabus

Bright Bambini Montessori Syllabus

BBM follows the Early Years Framework curriculum to monitor and progress your child’s learning and development needs. We also use the Montessori curriculum/stages of learning in parallel to the EYFS, which we believe only enhances the child’s experiences and opportunities. BBM have invested in tapestry software so that parents can see pictures/reports and make comments of their child’s experiences and development.

We use the document ‘Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Montessori Settings’, based on the statutory framework for Early Years Foundation.

The teacher is aware of the needs by individual written updated records made through observations of each child. This is used to find a moment that best suits the child’s interest to support their learning and development further.

The teacher has a tracker of learning and development to see the overall achievement of each child and to find any areas of concern as early as possible. The record is available for parents to see at any time.

There are parents evenings allocated to discuss the child’s development and can be brought forward as a need arises.

Parents are welcome to talk to staff of their child’s progress or concerns when they either drop off or pick up their child or can arrange a meeting at their convenience.