French & Arabic

French & Arabic Classes For Children

BBM offer language sessions where the child has an opportunity to learn a language of the parental preference. The classes are prepared at the child’s level and interest using singing, books and other interactive methods to engage our little peoples minds.

French Classes For Children

At BBMC your children will have the opportunity to enjoy and excel a positive and fun approach in learning French language. Our classes give your children the confidence for when they will be approaching languages at their primary and secondary school.

Arabic Classes For Children

At BBMC learning Arabic is fun for every kid. We have professionals who help children by making their Arabic language learning easy. We have different and fun ways for children to learn Arabic.

Each child’s development stage is recorded for parental observation and to help teacher plan next sessions.

We advise that children are 3 years old for language lessons. Contact us for more information about our French and Arabic classes for children.