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Learn More About Our Daycare

Bright Bambini Montessori is a Day nursey offering excellent childcare provision Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

We are open all year round with the exception of 1 week closure over Christmas period.

We accept free funded hours for 2, 3 and 4 year old’s.

Our sessions are;

Packed lunches are required if a child is staying over the lunch period.

We deliver EYFS curriculum in parallel with Montessori education.

We have a book loan available weekly, healthy eating policy and robust safeguarding measures including CCTV.

In addition, we offer yoga, sport, Arabic, French, forest school and cooking classes.

We understand the culture diversity in Peterborough and support this with bilingual staff in Lithuanian, Romanian and Urdu.

We are always here to provide individual care and support to our children and parents.

Bright Bambini Montessori also provide Montessori Maths and English tuition after school for ages 5-8 years.

BBM syllabus

BBM follows the Early Years Framework curriculum to monitor and progress your child’s learning and development needs. We also use the Montessori curriculum/stages of learning in parallel to the EYFS which we believe only enhances the child’s experiences and opportunities. BBM have invested in tapestry software so that parents can see at a glance of their child’s experiences and development.

We use the document ‘Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Montessori Settings’, based on the statutory framework for Early Years Foundation.

Every child is unique at BBM and every child’s pace and interest are respected.

The teacher is aware of the needs by individual written updated records made through observations of each child. This is used to find a moment that best suits the child’s interest to support their learning and development further.

The teacher has a tracker of learning and development to see the overall achievement of each child and to find any areas of concern as early as possible. The record is available for parents to see at any time.

There are parents evenings allocated to discuss the child’s development and can be brought forward as a need arises.

Parents are welcome to talk to staff of their child’s progress or concerns when they either drop off or pick up their child or can arrange a meeting at their convenience.

Green Fingers

Our Green finger club is based at the local allotment, local woodlands and our Nursery Garden.

The Green finger club aims to deliver the science, art and practice of understanding, managing and using wisely the natural resources associated with and derived from forest /natural lands. These resources include water, wildlife, plants, habitats and recreation.

Children go out exploring mysteries of nature, picking variety of natural resources through mystery hunt , learning different trees, leaves and habitats and growing their own fruits and vegetables.

These fascinating facts are then brought into the classroom to share with their class where they can explain their findings and extend their learning with the Montessori materials.

There are opportunities to build habitats, collect beasts and create a nature reserve area as well as follow nature trails and experience camping.

Although topics are set, we have a child-led culture at BBM, where children can openly share their discoveries, express their interest and find ‘treasure’!

Children feel a great sense of achievement and love the idea of contributing to the classroom when they bring home grown food for snack time or findings to arrange and label on the nature table.


In the colder months, we offer hot chocolate while we share our findings, read a book together or sing songs!

There are always healthy snack options, milk and mineral water available to keep our little people on the go but be sure they will be ready for supper and a good night sleep after a busy day!

We would highly recommend this for all children to participate. We believe not only does it increase the child’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them, it also increases their confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, it also sows the seed of introducing active and meaningful hobby at a young age.

In a world of fast pace and technology comes an opportunity to allow the child to slow down and appreciate the beautiful and fascinating world around them. We find the forestry school creates a peaceful and enjoyable experience and we hope that this has everlasting effects for our children as they move on from Bright Bambini Montessori.

Our forestry school is also open as an afterschool club up to the age of 8 years, allowing a wonderful mixture for the children to help each other and a sense of a creative, caring community.

All our forestry Montessorians will have a free all in one wet suit to wear to help protect their clothes from getting wet and muddy.

They will need wellies, hats, gloves and spare clothes.

Yoga Classes

Our Yoga trained specialist teacher Ingrid Rudelhoff leads the yoga classes aimed at rebalancing the child’s body, mind and inner self.

Yoga is known to be beneficial to children in many ways. As children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts, a dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can be incredibly valuable for them.

Some parents feel that the practice might have a religious association due to its origin and traditional methods practiced. To dispel this notion and avoid any religious or cultural messages, our yoga teacher focuses on the benefits of the exercises and uses generic terms, instead of the Sanskrit names, for the poses, renaming them cat, bridge, table, tree, downward-facing dog, volcano, and so forth. Yoga’s rising popularity can be attributed to its basic stretching advantages and improved body awareness, with the added component of a mind-body connection.

We create a lovely calming environment for our children with comfortable yoga mats and a choice of organic essential oils to diffuse during the session.

Parents are welcome to speak to our yoga teacher for further personal advice and benefits.

French & Arabic Classes

BBM offer language sessions where the child has an opportunity to learn a language of the parents’ choice. The classes are prepared at the child’s level and interest using singing, books and other interactive methods to engage out little peoples minds.

Each child’s development stage is recorded for parental observation and to help teacher plan next sessions.

We advise that children are 3 years old for language lessons.

Book Loan

There has been much research to show that early reading has positive and long lasting educational benefits.

Every child is offered to loan a book from our special loan trolley for free! The book is logged out and is returned the following week.

The book loan not only encourages reading, it also indirectly teaches the child responsibility of returning borrowed items.

The library loan is a fantastic way to help parents to offer a variety of books without costing anything!

All we ask is that the books are taken care off and we hope you enjoy the special time with your child.