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Typical Day

BBMC Daily Time Table

Here’s a timetable of a typical day from a staff’s roles and responsibility perspective:

Time Observer Teacher/Directress Overseer
7:30-8am Handover period of broad plan for the day.

Preparation for the group activities such as phonics, rhyme time and storytelling.

Staff aware of the daily plan and other areas of discussion.
Prepare environment and any topic work.
Joining team brief. Health and safety review of class, resources and garden
8-9am Breakfast/cleaning/entertain children with activity table, resources etc. One to one teaching Checklist
9-11am Calendar and group chat time followed by phonics (30 mins)/reading/singing, messy play, Various activities for children including, gardening, cooking, yoga, woodwork and photography. Observations/tapestry update and one to one teaching Maintaining the health and safety of the classroom and Montessori ethos of grace and coutesy. Snack preparation.
11:-11:15 Prepare for outdoor play/home time Continued documentation/planning Nappy checks
11:15-12:30 Garden play, meet and greet afternoon children Sending morning children home, liasing with parents,


Garden play, lunch break at 12pm
12:30-1pm Finish lunches and clear up Lunch break 12:30, Assist with settling children
1-3:30pm Naps if required, calendar time, phonics,messy play, art and craft, supporting the uninterrupted learning cycle which includes either photography, cooking, woodwork, foreign languages, yoga One to one teaching, observing and documenting progress and plans during this period of learning cycle. Prepare snacks, oversee children’s needs and safety
3:30-4pm Ready for home time/garden play or choice of indoor group activity Ensure checklist up to date and children collected safely Check nappies/checklist.
Prepare tea.
4-4:30pm Serve Tea and assist as required. Ensure documentation up to date after liasing with parents. serve needs of the children.
Cleaning checklist.
4:30-5:30 Free play and learn, snacks available throughout. 1:1 teaching and observations Observe free play to keep nursery safe and happy.
5:30-6pm Reading time/ help get ready for home To assist children and ensure children leave nursery safely. Check nappies and assist with home time.
6-6:30pm Interacting with children with songs/rhymes reading while collection in progress.

Team brief & tidy up.

Ensure children are collected safely and being available for parents for a handover.Team brief Observing the safety of children while handover in progress.
Team brief and tidy up/cleaning.