Another exclusive non core activity offered at Bright Bambini Montessori to support your child’s natural creative and imaginative mind.

Photography at Bright Bambini Montessori is a popular session with our VIP’s (children), swinging over their camera strap and capturing images which sparks an interest to them.

The images that are captured by the children are then uploaded on the computer and spoken about, which is again a fantastic way to encourage early language and social skills.

Picture taking becomes an adventure for all, taking pictures, editing them, selecting the ones to keep and being free to follow own thoughts.

We have found Photography has many benefits for children including enhancing imagination, language, creativity, expressive arts, emotional expressions and independence/self esteem to name some!

No doubt your child will find photography a joyful experience.

Woodwork at Bright Bambini Montessori has been very popular with the children; a fun, calm and exciting venture for all!