English Private Tuition

English Tuition For Children

At BBMC we understand that every child is different and unique in their own ways. This is the reason why we have tailored programs and have created an environment that will help your child learn easily. We have a great team of teachers who help your child grow and learn in our English tuition. They aim to help your child even if they have to go an extra mile for this purpose. We teach your child in reading, writing and spelling. At BBMC, we have different literacy programmes for general educational support and early years for 1 and 2 key stages.

Things That Your Child Will Learn At Our English Tuition

Every child has to give a free assessment through which our tutors will understand the weak points of your children. They will focus on those weak points and help your child with every support they need in English learning. Helping your child in unlocking their potentials is what we do the best. Your child will have tailored programs, so they can learn and succeed.

Why Choose Our English Tutors

Here are some reasons why you should consider our tutors for children.

  • They have experience and training working with children.
  • They make tailored programs for every child.
  • Help your child to unlock their potentials.
  • Create an environment which will help your child learn in a fun way.
  • They concentrate on every child’s learning needs and styles.
  • Help your child in improving their critical, independent thinking and knowledge.


Contact us today to get more details about our English tuition or book a free assessment for your child today.