woodwork 1


Woodwork is a unique non core activity offered exclusively at Bright Bambini Montessori!

At first instant, parents may feel a strike of fear, with images of child crying after cutting themselves or hitting a hammer on their hand.

Rest assure that children are taught and supervised at all times to use the woodwork area appropriately and learn to respect tools.

Safety is paramount to us and so children learn to respect tools correctly and a careful risk assessment is carried out.

Our woodwork sessions are carefully planned to ensure that the tools are introduced age appropriately.

Our woodwork sessions have many benefits for our children in a fun and calm way. Some of those benefits include Creative thinking, Independence/self-esteem, conceptualization, respect for tools and material, language development, problem solving and eye-hand coordination.

Children get to take their work home and are encouraged to talk through their making with their family to help speech development.