Healthy Eating Policy

To help promote healthy lifestyle at a young age we ask all our parents to adhere to our healthy eating policy.

We offer fresh organic milk, mineral water, fresh fruit, organic yogurt and snacks throughout the session.

We also ask our parents to avoid giving packed lunches with sugary contents including crisps and juice drinks. Yogurt drinks are fine.

To avoid nut allergy reaction we do not allow nuts or nut related products.

BBM offer breakfast as we understand that 8am is an early start. Our breakfast is a choice of organic porridge, organic eggs, organic cereal and toast with not from concentrated fresh juice.

Children can bring in their own breakfast while adhering to the healthy eating practice.

Meal times end up being a lovely social time and we therefore would like to see our children bouncing healthy habits from each other.

We are conscious of special dietary needs including religious beliefs, allergy and intolerance. We have a strict dietary needs chart in the dining area for staff to always keep in mind individual dietary requirements. Staff have also taken up suitable safer food handling course.