Child playing

Montessori private tutition

We understand the importance of teaching children in a method that follows their natural process of learning.

We believe the concrete method of using purposeful montessori resources to teach children gives them a firmer understanding of the subject.

Our Teacher’s prepare and deliver sessions in a friendly, caring and hands-on way, allowing the child to really absorb the learning goal without pressure.

At bright Bambini Montessori we offer Maths, English and Montessori sessions in a small group of 4-6 children for ages 5-8 years.

These lessons are carefully designed to support your child’s learning and help them unlock their potential in an interactive and enjoyable way.

The sessions are available Monday to Friday 4-5pm and 5-6pm and every Saturdays. We accept childcare vouchers and are childcare registered to help with costs.

Please contact us for more information or to book a free assessment for your child.